Son has been hassling

Hey all,

My 12 year old son recently did some soldering at school (We first soldered together when he was 5 but his interest didn’t persist) and he has been hankering after some new soldering projects to do.

I backed the kickstarter project for the Multiplayer kit, he doesn’t know yet… So he is in for a pleasant surprise when it turns up.

Why the multiplayer? Well… Im sure we will end up playing some multiplayer games, but miss out on the soldering and leave it all to him? Pah… As if thats going to happen.

Anyway, looking forward to the surprise on his face when we get they kit. Its been a struggle but Im determined not to let the cat out of the bag before I can show him the bag of parts.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


I hope you enjoy the project together.