Sound is very quiet

I have just finished building my makerbuino. Everything works and I can hear the sound but it is very very quiet. I have the volume turned the full way clockwise and can only just hear it. If I turn it just a small way anti-clockwise the volume cuts out. I have the same issue with the speaker and with the headphones. I have to hold it right up to my ear to hear anything. Is it meant to be this quiet or have I done something wrong?

I did initially put the capacitors in the wrong way round and had to buy a new one for the one below the screen as I snapped the wire when getting it out…

Edit … I have been into the settings and set the default sound and maximum sound to 7 but this does not seem to have helped.


Post photos of your Makerbuino board to let us verify solders. It’s could be an issue. (Can be another thing too bu it’s often the reason of this type of problem)