Spencer setting and compilation problem

just assembled Spencer here.

  • After some problem WiFi was connected and working, but second change of WiFi is virtual impossible - when choosing seetings, WiFi fields do not become active.

  • Reset button just hang the entire thing, it is not working as Reset

  • Compilation of new sketch or example takes forever.

  • Firmware restore works OK, but even after restore WiFi change is not available and old settings stays

  • Voice recognition works fine

Any advice?

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Hi @Grubi,

thank you for reaching out.

Also, sorry to hear that you’re having some problems with Spencer.

Please, can you make a short video to show us the Reset button and what happens when you try to use it?

Also, can you explain what problem preceded the WiFi issue? Maybe that’ll help us find the cause of the problem.

Thank you in advance,

I will. Problems preceding WiFi was that settings console become hard or not at all on Mac, so I switch to PC. Then I was able to add WiFi first time, and connection working - but change it with other settings is now impossible (neither on Mac or PC). Will come later on this, since at least Spences does do its basic function.

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Hi @Grubi,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you install new drivers and do the reboot?

You can use this website for downloading new drivers.

Let me know if that helped.