Spencer Text to speech error

I have a problem with the speech processing block.
Every time I try to use it it return “Text to speech error 3: server response error” in the console.
The wifi seem to be connected as I set a if “wifi is connected” condition.
The console return “E (160) wifi: wifi_init_in_caller_task 712 ret=4353” for the wifi.
I don’t know if it’s for the same reason but when I tried to create my account for the forum I got an error message telling me that too many requests come from my ip (I’m at home and I live alone…).
I was only able to create the account through a VPN.
Thanks for your help !

OK after some tweaking I seem that the wifi connection don’t work, it’s weird because my wifi router see the espressif chip connected and my configuration is a pretty standard WPA2-AES.

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Thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry that you’re having problems with your Spencer.

Please send us more info on your problem via contact@circuitmess.com

I send you a mail with the code I tried (mostly the same as in the tutorial).
What’s weird is that with the base firmware it work.

We’ll reply via contact@circuitmess.com, thank you for your patience

To help tracking the bug I modified the library code.
The error is raised from SpeechToIntent.cpp at line 125:
return new IntentResult(IntentResult::INTENT);
you can say me what to modify to print more information if you like.