Stuck on Loaded Game [SOLVED]

Hello. My makerbuino seems to be stuck on one game. I can’t get back into the main menu after pressing C. Even on boot while pressing C I just get taken to the same game. I even pulled the sd card out and booted it up and the game loaded, so I’m guessing something is wrong with the loader. Any help appreciated.

You can try this:
insert the SD card
turn the console OFF
hold the C button
turn the console ON
release the C button
wait for 30 seconds
The SD card loader menu should appear.

Yeah already tried that. Any other ideas? I was looking around trying to find a copy of the loader I could download and replace the one i have? but all the links to the downloads were expired. any idea?

solved! just had to clean up my soldering joints at the SD card reader. all is well