Swapped regulator and 2N2222 transistor! [SOLVED]

Hi all,
I bought a pair of kits for my boys and have loved the prospect of building them. We have enjoyed learning the basics of soldering and working on such a project together. I am constantyly marvelling at Alberts ability to produce such a design and pull off the kickstarter. Wow! Well done.

However, :sob: as we read through stage 8 it appears we have very carefully and deliberately placed the regulator and transitor in the wrong positions.

At the test stage of Step 13 we had not screen and the hint of ‘fried’ electronics in the air. :thinking::confounded:

Has anyone else recovered from this catastrophe? I am now off to the shops to buy some solder sucker.

I will order new parts but am not sure which ones we will need. Is there a good way to do this?

Anyway, its all been a great learnign experience.


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Hold On!
All sorted, swapped back and she pops into action."

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@Robert, congratulations on fixing your problem and sorry for the slow reply (there are too many things going on for us to answer to every post).

You’ve just earned a couple of badges :slight_smile:!

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