Switch button soldered to the wrong side and can't get it off


I was excited to start building a Wheelson as my first soldering project. After soldering the JST connectors I made a mistake by placing the switch button on the wrong side of the board. When I realised I had made a mistake, I removed most of the solder with my pump. However, the switch won’t come off. I applied some more heat and pulled harder with my pliers, but still only the left pin is moving and the pad on the board has come off. The middle three are still there, but I can’t get the pins loose. What should I do?

Also, the tip of my soldering iron from the CircuitMess tools pack is breaking off. At first there came a hole on the side just before the tip and then the tip broke off. This happened without having used it a lot. Am I doing something wrong here or is this to be expected?

Hope you can help me.



Get a solder wick and some flux. It works wonders in these kinds of situations.

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As for the soldering iron, despite the care tips (tin the tip, clean after each joint) mine didn’t survive the Spencer project.

Solder wick as the other guy suggested.

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