Trouble shooting at screen testing [SOLVED]

Screen did not turn on at testing
not sure what more trouble shooting I can do.

Can you take a picture of the top side as well, please? The electrolytic capacitors are polarized so they need to be the correct way around, else they won’t work.

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Here is the top

@kastnerd, sorry for my late reply.

This is most strange, your soldering looks splendid.
Can you please give us a photo with the screen removed so that we can see the soldering work on the microcontroller.

Please don’t give up, we’ll help you make your microcontroller work.

I took the screen and the microcontroller off. But in pulling the microcontroller. I bent and broke off a few pins.

@kastnerd, sorry for my late reply.

We can send you a replacement microcontroller. I will send you a PM for instructions about how that works.

I will mark this topic as [SOLVED]. If you stumble upon some other problems, please open a new topic in the support category.