Trying to connect Nibble to a Macbook - could not connect to agent using Web based Circuitblocks

Hi we have been trying to get Nibble to connect to a Macbook. If we use the Circuitblocks software it opens up and does connect however tells us it’s working offline as the software is out of date and tells us to use an online web broswer version. This says it requires the Circuitblocks agent to be downloaded and installed however after doing this we get an error saying cannot connect to agent. Please help!

Many thanks,

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Hey @JamesD,

thank you for reaching out.

Yes, the only working version of CircuitBlocks is the online one.

Can you please try coding in Google Chrome? That way, you don’t need CircuitBlocks Agent. Also, CircuitBlocks works the smoothest in Google Chrome.

Let me know if this helped,