Upgrading Ringo's Antenna

I live out in the country, and cell reception is spotty. Does anyone know of any way to upgrade Ringo’s antenna to boost the reception? Also, does the metal antenna pad have to be placed where it is, or could it be on the battery?

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Hi there!

It can happen that the reception is a bit spotty in the areas where network is not that strong. It’s not recommended to relocate the antenna form its original place since it can cause damage to it.
However, this might help - there was a post about boosting your antenna here Antenna Booster mod.
Maybe you’ll find this useful :slight_smile:


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Hey thank you! You mentioned that relocating the antenna can cause damage, however I put it on wrong once and had to carefully take it off and re-stick it. Do you think damage could have resulted from that?

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Hey there! I designed and rigged the booster mod together.

Some things I would like to point out after a year of testing is that connectivity depends specifically on the tower/grid. The booster worked in very shady areas near a brand new tower. However, the tower in my home town runs the entire county! The tower relied more on the cellphone strength. So a modern cellphone had to replace Ringo for this area. It will most likely go through, but the strength may be very weak.

Let me know if you have any problems with finding parts compatible for your booster project :slightly_smiling_face:

Daff, Serbots Labs

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Tearing will occur to the antenna from the assembled version.
Test it out and see what the numbers say.

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You can try going towards a cell tower or a city to check out whether the connection gets better. But yeah, if you changed the location of your antenna, it is possible that you’ve damaged it (although not likely). Please test it first if you can so we’ll try to do something later. :smiley:


Thank you for the advice!