Urgent Notice for Jay-D Assemblers

Just a warning for those that may be assembling the Jay-D. I completed the assembly successfully, to the point of placing the slider caps. The horizontal slider cap went on successfully, but the two channel slider caps have jammed. This has probably happened as both were in the lowest position, and the pressure of putting the caps on has jammed the sliders in this position. Lesson learned!

I’ve figured out the problem! It turns out that the caps weren’t the problem, but the screws that secure the front cover to the sliders. The smallest screws in my kit appear to be slightly too long (they are silver coloured rather than the black ones shown in the guide). Sadly, i broke one of the black slider parts before I realised what the problem was. I’ve unsoldered the broken slider, opened it up and I am just waiting for the glue to fully cure before reassembling. Fingers crossed…

Hi, thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the issues that you’re having with your kit.

The screws are not too long, they are the recommended length for the design. The change in screw color doesn’t affect that.
You need to place the slider in the middle position when mounting the front acrylic plate. I am sorry that we didn’t emphasize this enough in the build guide, I will change it immediately.

We are in touch with you via email so we’ll help you fix your slider there.

Thank you

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Thank you for clarifying and I hope you don’t mind me responding here. It looks like my repair is successful, so I’m about to reassemble.

I love that if anything goes wrong or breaks, you can simply take it all apart, fix it and put it back together again!

I know you are busy just now, but keep up the great work!

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I actually had a similar situation with one of the vertical slider cap and it turned out I fastened the screws too tight which prevented the slider to move. Loosen one of the screws fixed it for me.

CM have now highlighted this issue in the assembly instructions, so should prevent others doing the same!