USB device not recognized

So I am trying to connect the MakerBuino to the Arduino IDE. I am getting the “USB device not recognized…” on the Windows 10 computer. The green light on the UART is on. The IDE doesn’t display any PORT. The computer is recognizing that I have a USB device, but that’s as far as I have gotten with the MakerBuino and the IDE.

Strangely enough, hubby also bought a SNAPINO. The computer sees that device just fine.

What gives? This is very frustrating.

NoraLee in Northern Jersey

Try to download and install the Win10 driver of the UART-to-USB chip. It should have a description or model number printed on it. I’d give you a link but I’m currently at work and I don’t have the adapter with me :slight_smile:

*€dit: @Noralee9 I’ve found the link to the driver :slight_smile:
Please download and install them and let us know if it fixed your problem :grinning:

Here are my tested solutions if your device is not recognizing USB.
Solution 1: Restart the system
Solution 2: Remove the other USBs
Solution 3: Turn the Fast Startup off
Solution 4: Uninstall the Hidden Devices
Solution 5: Update the cp2102 Drivers

I am sure these fixes will sure fix your usb device not recognized problem.