Virtual Pet - Create you own games

Good morning,

I just acquired a virtual pet kit and i wonder if there is access to the code in the ESP32 and how to customise it. Create your own games etc by using the Arduino IDE. I have seen that you have libraries for other boxes and i wonder if you do have the same for the virtual pet.

I’d lie to code my own games and maybe different avatar/pets as well may be get advantage to the ESP32 wifi capabilities and create a IoT virtual pet.

Where can i find all these content and guidelines?

Thank you,

I found the firmware on your Github account:

But would be amazing if some documentation about how to flash it on the Esp32, with best IDE to use (adruino, etc) and best practices was available.

As well deeper documentation about pixel graphics, game cicle/loop, etc.


Hi Roger,

thank you for reaching out. We replied to your email but we will also reply here if other people stumble upon this thread with the same question. As you already mentioned, the codes can be found here: CircuitMess · GitHub

Regarding Arduino IDE, we are currently working on those guides. You need to install the latest version of Arduino IDE, go to File → Preferences, and add this URL under Additional board:

Then, in Boards Manager (under Tools → Board), type in CircuitMess and install the CircuitMess ESP32 Boards package. Afterward, you can go to Tools → Board → CircuitmMess ESP32 Boards and select your device.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to the email we sent you and we’ll help you out further!


Thank you Sandi,

I managed to flash the board with the Arduino IDE.

Used the following set up:

Upload speed: 115200
Flash frequency: 80Mhz
Partition Scheme: No OTA
Core debug level: None

In case some people encounters the same error i got (on Mac):
- Exec: “python”: executable file not found in $PATH
Use the following command:

sed -i -e 's/=python /=python3 /g' ~/Library/Arduino15/packages/cm/hardware/esp32/*/platform.txt

Right now i need a bit more information about how to generate the raw files (new graphics) and the sprites for the firmware. Would be really nice to have some documentation about how to edit and create your own games.

As well how we could include some ESP32 Wifi capabilities.


Hi Roger,

we don’t currently have a guide for that. We only have the basic coding guides for CircuitPet (using CircuitBlocks), which you can find here: Coding for beginners - how to code your CircuitPet | cmr-guide and more

The Arduino guide will be uploaded to our Resources page (Resources | CircuitMess) soon and there will be a coding example shown in that guide.