Wheelson assembled

Hello guys,

I just finished to assembly wheelson car but something is wrong. When I do the motor testing it says "motors should go forward " but they actually go backwards, how can I fix the issue? Thanks in advance.

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Hey @Michael_Al,

thank you for reaching out.

Can you send us a few photos of Wheelson without the casing to contact@circuitmess.com and we’ll help immediately?

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Without knowing anything about the projects, sounds like the voltage to the dc motor is reversed.

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So how can I fix the issue with the polarity of the DC motor? I don’t think it’s something that I did wrong, wright?

@Michael_Al hey, you have most likely soldered the wires on the motors or the JST connectors backward.

Please send us a few photos of your wheelson via contact@circuitmess.com, we’ll help you.