Wheelson parts do not match instructions

My son and I began assembling the Wheelson AI car. Right out of the gate, about the 3rd step (2nd soldering step) we see that the “switch” included doesn’t even match that shown in the instructions. The switch (a 3d rectangular shape) we were given has the pins on a face directly opposite the actual switch. The switch shown in the assembly instructions has the switch on an adjacent face so that the switch sticks out in a direction parallel to the board. Our switch will stick out perpendicular to the board. I’d include pictures that illustrate the problem, but that doesn’t seem possible on this community board.

So immediately we’re stuck and not happy that we were either given the incorrect part, or a mistakenly fabricated part, or the instructions do not properly reflect how the Wheeler is actually assembled. I’m tempted to bail on all CircuitMess products, but I’ll wait and see how quickly we can get support on this…

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

The switch that was supplied is slightly different than the one in the guide due to a component shortage. You can solder it the same way you’d solder the one displayed in the instructions.

We will add photos of the different switch ASAP in the guide in order to avoid confusion for the rest of the user community.

Thank you for your feedback and if you need any further help with the assembly, feel free to contact me here or via contact@circuitmess.com

Thank you for the quick feedback. If the included switch with the different layout is a perfectly satisfactory alternative, then that’s good news. The updated instructions would of course be nice.

Yes, the included switch is the alternative that is 100% compatible.

We’ll make sure to update the instructions ASAP