WIP: Pacman in CircuitBlocks


I’m currently working on a Pacman clone in CircuitBlocks, I noticed there aren’t that many examples or sample projects available just yet - I’ll share my project here once it’s done :slight_smile:

Question though - is there any way to save/load data (such as highscore) when using CircuitBlocks? If not, can we hope for that in a future release?!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Next I’ll be working on letting the ghost out of the ghost house and have it chase Pacman :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’ve posted a similar question before and @sinkews answered it for me. If your coding with c/c++ there is a library availble called EEPROM, where you can save and read values. Be sure to check it out with youtube tutorials etc.

Yep I’ve seen that. But my goal is to build this game entitely in CircuitBlocks :slight_smile:

Ok, well perhaps if you don’t set the value at the start, then it won’t be reset at the start, like in scratch, or you could make a statement like this:
first, make a sethighscore variable, then write
if ( sethighscore = 0) {
variable score = 0;
sethighscore = 1;
I think the second option would work better
Wow, this is a complex topic. My head is spinning

Thanks for the suggestion @Tizzlerbot76, but variables are not persisted on the Nibble when it’s restarted (as far as I know, I’d be surprised if they were though) :slight_smile:

Short update - the ghost is out of the ghost house and can now chase Pacman. He’s not the brightest though… silly ghost…

Next: Adding some life bar and score. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Hey @oscar this si so neat! Thank you for sharing and keep us posted about your progress!

Dora from the CM

Glad you like it @doraCM :slight_smile:

The game is finished now, posted here Pacman in CircuitBlocks