Wire-cutter hazard

I bought and assembled the MAKERbuino (classic), well done an excellent kit. Works fine.
I do however have a worry about the wire-cutter. When I clip the soldered wires off the board, the wire go flying. I can actually hear them bouncing off my ceiling!
I feel they are an eye hazard, especially in group work (i.e. in a class-room setting).
In my case I stopped using them and reverted to using nail-clippers (i.e. the ones that usually have a file built in).

The only other problem with the kit was that the display mounting holes do not match very well. I have some of my own displays and they match the PCB quite well, so it is a display problem.

Regards AlanX

Hi AlanX,

That is one of the details that we decided to upgrade and improve with our new version of the game console - Nibble. It is adapted for the age of 9+, so there is no danger of wire cutting.

Thanks for your feedback!