Worked for an hour, now some beeps and a black screen

Bought kits for my son and daughter (great learning during the quarantine). My daughter’s kit beeps (dee dee dee dee) when we turn it on, but the screen is black. She played three games on it initially, but now this. I have tried the “C button reset” several times. Not sure what to try next.

I read through the prior replies and decided to redo the soldering between the screen and the PCB and the SD cardholder and the PCB. It worked again for a few hours, but now is back to blank screen. Turn on… dee dee deet. But no screen.

Hi Kirk,

Thank you for supporting our work and I am sorry for the problems that you’re having.

Can you please send us some photos of your buino’s front and back side?

Please don’t worry, we’ll halp you make your MAKERbuino work

Thank you for your help. This has been a great activity for my kids (11 and 14 years). We have Ringo’s on the way to the house.


Can you send us an email to, we’ll arrange to get this fixed for you from there.


We have found that using a small pipe-cleaner-like bottle brush in the card-reader slot resets the screen back to usable. We have had to repeat this a few times, but then the game functions normally for a long while. I think we are okay for now. Not sure why the cleaning needs to be repeated, but at least it seems to work.

@kirkjones sorry for the slow reply here.

I hope that your console still functions and if you’re having repeated issues, please reach out via and we’ll work something out