Circuit Blocks problem!

Here he explanes how to do it in Croatian but you have English subtitles.

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Thanks to the step-by-step tuto I’ve get to put that game to my Nibble !!

If I want to upload another game (ie. tetris or pacman) will that erase that game ?

Yes the softvere erases all sketches from nibble the puts new on it.

Yust noticed something strange, when i pres get board info in arduino ide i get wheelson by circuitmess and if i put code clear screen with color cyan it yust gets realy dark, hard to even notice cyan colour after 30secs

Can’t send error report on mail

@DarioM did you send your email to

The email appears to be working on our end

It is up to my email then

I will try with my dads email

I send it with title “Problemi s nibblom” reply if you see it.

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Hi @DarioM,

thank you for sending an email.

We’ll get to you with an answer immediately.

Monika from CircuitMess

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