Completed the MAKERbuino kit yourself? We want to know

I originally finished my MAKERbuino back in August and decided to wait before posting it until I was able to visit my friend who lives a few hours away and help him put his together as well, this week I was finally able to make that trip down and both of them are now complete with minimal problems(the second unit was missing a 2n2222 transistor but I just popped over to the electronics store in the neighbouring suburb and picked one up for $0.40).

My nephew and I just finished building our units, we had some fun. Questions though is what do you do if the screen is dodgey (1 had a terrible picture) and how do you charge them? Other than that pretty happy with the product and process .

Here is my MAKERbuino assembled …

Arrived and built today!

Finally I assembled it. And made a replacement case.

My two KS units - and the two that a young lady from work has for her wedding present - along with the engraving on the back “You really push my buttons. But I like it when you play with me.” The wedding is in November.


@Eddie, ahaha I can’t stop laughing, this is brilliant! :smile:
May I share this on MAKERbuino’s social media?

Wait, you are getting married or you just did the engraving? Or am I misinterpreting this?

Wow, you actually have two old Kickstarter MAKERbuinos and two new post-Kickstarter MAKERbuinos, thank you for supporting the project multiple times! :slight_smile:

Please do use this in your social media. That was my intention.

I backed you in kickstarter - that’s my two on the bottom.
Jenny from work (who is getting married in the middle of November this year) got the other two as her wedding present.
The idea to get it engraved came from another worker, but the text came from Jenny. I only did the engraving - we have an engraver at work, so that part was relatively easy. It came out looking quite good.

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Here’s mine with some shameless self-promotion of my home-made snake clone called Snuke

I hope to add some lighter pictures tomorrow or this weekend when I have time.


Together with three friends I’ve pledged the Kickstarter party pack. For the experienced the build was definitly easy and no parts were missing from our kits.

Here is my MAKERbuino:

Not only people like to play games with it :smile:

@AllGray Can I get a new badge please? :wink:

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Hi! I’m Craig from Clacton, Essex, UK. Just got this for Christmas and I haven’t put it down since! Took about 4 hours to put together and now I’ve started to code it too! I’m really having fun with this, I think everyone should have an opportunity to do this sort of thing and I hope the community grows as my projects will :smiley: great product!


this is the christmas present of my 10 year old boy.

He mostly assambled it on his own. My part was just sitting there watching him assembling all the stuff. Nevertheless, we had a great time together, but meanwhile there are discussions who is the next to play with the makerbuino. Maybe I need to order some more…:grin:.

Are you still planning a contest for a designing an enclosure? I already have some ideas how this could look like.

At last one question. Are you at MakerFaire Vienna again this year? Was nice talking to the"Party Monster" named Albert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

BR and greetings from Vienna

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@a.bauer1983, congratulations, your MAKERbuino looks splendid!

We do plan to make some contests soon, but I cannot promise anything as our focus now is on surviving CES (the biggest consumer electronics show in the world), where we’re exhibiting next week.

Yes, MF Vienna is a must-go for 2018 and we’re going to party hard :wink:

P.S. thank you for supporting MAKERbuino!

Hi Albert, This was a fantastically fun project to build and I found the instructions easy to follow although I’m quite expirienced at soldering. I’ve been spreading the word at work as well about what fun it is ro get others to join in. I’ve also downloaded the Arduino development environment to develop some games.

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@LeafFrog, your MAKERbuino looks amazing!

Thank you for spreading the word and supporting the project. I’ll see you around at the community forum :wink:

And another one enters the world! It’s gone together as the (new) instructions showed and been a very pleasant easy days tinkering. Next thing to do is brighten those buttons up a bit and customise, then maybe have a crack at writing a first ever game. But for now having fun with the ones installed. Great idea Albert and a great Christmas gift for me.

Thanks Colin

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Greetings from outside of Boston in the USA! I finished my build this week, and I really enjoyed it.

Congratulations on producing a great product with wonderfully detailed instructions. I’ve already gotten to work on learning the game development APIs.



@mfurtak, congratulations, your MAKERbuino-making skills are top-notch :smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing you make cool games and I’ll see you around at the forum.

You’ve just earned a couple of shiny badges!

Hi Albert,

There are three of your MAKERbuino’s at work now. We connected two of them together for multiplay during the lunch break and played some of the two up games. We connected GND, I2C_SDA and I2C_SCL between the two machines and things worked perfectly. Unfortunately the MAKERbuino is very addictive when it comes to playing games so I haven’t done much development of my own yet.