Destroyed my PCB [SOLVED]

Hi guys!

I just received my two MAKERbuinos and it turned out that both of my ATmega328 chips were not programmed with the bootloader. Thanks to various posts here I was able to burn the bootloader using two Arduions.

Unfortunately I found out after a lot of soldering/unsoldering where I in the end destroyed three pads on one of my PCBs (soldering iron to hot?) when removing the female connector for the screen (pictures hopefully at the end of my post). :sob: To make things even worse, two of these pads are for the very same pin (both sides). :roll_eyes:

Any chance I can fix that? If not, is it possbile to just order a new PCB?

Many thanks for input in advance!

I know Albert can send you a new PCB, might be easiest if you just mail him. I think the address is Do be aware they seem a little swamped with support requests, so it might take a little while for them to answer.

@frappe That PCB doesn’t look like it can be repaired or very easily I’m afraid, like @Gemberkoekje says that needs a new PCB.

I hope @albertgajsak actually starts selling just the PCB soon or if not in the near future…

It should be hackable with wires and the connexctions bitfogav pointed here: MAKERbuino Not Working


Thanks for your input, I’ll try to fix with wires as mentioned by @Tom in the first place!

Short update: I was able to make the required connections using two wires as mentiones by @Tom - now my MAKERbuino works like a charm, thanks to everyone for your help!

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@frape, well done! You’ve just earned the DIY badge.
Show us your working MAKERbuino! Pics or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

@Tom, @Gemberkoekje, @bitfogav, thank you for helping @frape out.

@bitfogav, I was already thinking about selling blank PCBs but I am not quite sure whether people would be interested in that. Maybe I can offer it on the shop and see whether the folks are interested…

I will mark this topic as [SOLVED]

@albertgajsak Yes please do put some on the shop page, I know I would be interested in just the PCB for doing my own projects and hacks/mods… :slightly_smiling_face:

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@albertgajsak I wouldn’t be against seeing everything in the kit individually for sale on the store, you never know what people might want more of and it’ll save them the hassle of personally contacting you or trying to find things through different sources.

I also burnt pin 1 od T1(2N2222 Transistor), would i still work? or do i need to fix it???

@bitfogav, I think I’ll offer blank PCBs in the shop as soon as I manage to create a new shop item (possibly today).
@Dalemaunder, that is quite a good idea… I’ll discuss that with my colleagues. I also had an idea of creating this so called “MAKERbuino electronics rookie pack” or “MAKERbuino fat-fingers pack”. That would be a pack made especially for people with little skill in electronics and soldering and would come with extra components (probably the components that are most likely going to be broken by a user).

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