How do I add more games on my Nibble?

How do i add more games withput loosing my launcher and games inside?

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Hi Ivan!

If you’re thinking about the games that you can program yourself in CircuitBlocks/ArduinoIDE, that option is not possible yet. We’re still working on an implementation of that feature and it should be available somewhat soon. :smiley:


Interested to know if there’s any progress on this?

That would be great user-friendly option!

Another option (less user-friendly) would be to enable us to build firmware from source code: start from the Nibble firmware source code, add our own stuff in it (our games), add icon(s) to the launcher screen, build it and upload it to Nibble). Do you plan to publish firmware source code for Nibble?

Have you already seen ? I haven’t dug into the repo enough to know if there’s a skeleton you can add onto or not.