Missing microcontroller (and other parts). Need firmware and fuse bit settings for replacement that I have on-hand [SOLVED]

My kit was missing the microcontroller, the socket, the SD card, the serial programming port header, and the header for the display.

Despite all of that, I was able to complete the build with components I had on-hand. However, the firmware that I found isn’t working. It seems to make some sound (sounds weird?), but nothing shows up on the display. I’m also not entirely sure if I’ve got what I need on my SD card.

Hi Austin. Towards the bottom of this post (Not recognising memory card) you can see what the contents of the SD card should be. Just pop you card into your computer and compare. As for the display, I’m having a similar issue.

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Thanks. It seems that I have what I need on the SD card, so that’s good at least.

If anyone can link/send me the proper firmware, that’d be awesome. I think the one I found should work, but I would like to be certain.

Thanks again

Finally figured out that my screen was bad. This whole kit has been a mess. Luckily, I also happened to have another one of those on-hand to test. However, the screen I had has a larger PCB and a different pinout, so it required some fuss.

It seems to work ok now, except it keeps saying battery low, and the reported battery voltage is always wrong. I’ve measured both the battery voltage and 3.3V supply, and neither dip or anything suspicious. I’ll continue my investigation there, but any additional insight is welcome.

In addition, when I was originally flashing my replacement atmega328p (via AVRisp MkII), it kept randomly failing. Overall it seemed very unstable. Not sure why. Perhaps the faulty screen had something to do with it?

The “Low Battery” issue has been resolved as well! Turned out I didn’t have the fuse bits programmed correctly after all. I had to disable brownout detection, and now everything works perfectly.

The issues with programming seem to be gone too. It probably was the faulty screen after all. Perhaps drawing too much current, causing the microcontroller to brown-out when programming/verifying, causing inconsistent/erratic failures.

Once my new screens come in, I’ll be able to assemble the enclosure, and finally finish the hardware side completely.

@Lysa_Bacon, thank you for helping out here

@Austin_Clark, I am sorry for the missing and defective components. Your kit was from a batch where one of our workers made a couple of serious mistakes in a couple of kits (doesn’t work here anymore).
When something like this happens, please send us an email asking for the missing components or at least invoke me with @albertgajsak. There are just too many things happening in our email inbox and on the forum that I cannot keep track of every post that is being made on the community forum.
I will send you a set of button caps (worth 4€ in the webshop) as a we’re-sorry gift. Please send me your order ID or address via PM.
Do you want us to send the replacement screen too? If yes, we’ll send it along with the button caps.

Anyway, congrats on fixing your problems, you shall be awarded with a couple of badges for your heroic debugging :slight_smile:

I will mark the topic as [SOVLED]