Reduced clicky-ness button options

The original MAKERbuino buttons are super-clicky for a real retro gaming feel (I suspect they are 260 gram-force).

If you want a slightly softer touch, but still with a definite click, these buttons are the next level down on clickyness:
Omron B3F-4050 - 12x12x7.3 Projected type - 130 gram-force

You will likely pay more for shipping cost than for the item cost for the 7 buttons, so plan to batch your order with some other goodies like solder, flux and solder-wick.


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Thanks i Will buy some or maye on a second Makerbuino to play against my son

That’s what I explained there: Buttons too hard

Did somebody tried these buttons? The original buttons are cool, but a bit to noisy. I also plan to buy one more makerbuino for playing against my daughter.

I planned to order some and build another console. But it will not happen before next month at least.