Screen backlight comes on but nothing displays [SOLVED]

When my daughter and I first built it, everything was working fine. I’m not positive exactly what she did while playing with it but at some point the cover came off and it pulled out the speaker wires. I replaced those (which is why they’re both red, that’s all I had on hand), after replacing them and turning it on all we saw was a blank screen (the light works though). I tried resetting with the c button, making sure it was fully charged, and taking out the sd card. Nothing has worked and I can’t see that anything is wrong. Please help!

Without the screen

Last one was obviously the back, this is without the screen.

@jackiecm, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino.

You need to have the SD card inserted in the device while doing the C-button reset. Please try that again and update us on what’s happening.

If the device still doesn’t work:
The contacts on the screen and the microcontroller socket are looking a bit suspicious to me. Please, reheat those and try the hard reset again.

Keep us posted and don’t give up!

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Ha, my daughter came to me yesterday with the exact same symptoms. For me the C-button trick worked nicely.
While I first thought it did not (as there was no reaction on the device), switching the Makerbuino off and then on again, made it show a Message “flashing the boot loader - please don’t turn off”.
When this was done, it showed the usual start screen and we are good again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help! I ended up reheating those points, the screen was still not displaying anything but doing another hard reset did the trick!

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@jackiecm, good job!

Congratulations on making your MAKERbuino work and feel free to share some photos of your device here:
Completed the MAKERbuino kit yourself? We want to know

I will mark the topic as [SOLVED]!