Testing stage of the build guide and screen not working... Please Help!

I’ve got to the initial test stage of the build guide and the screen is not turning on :frowning: I think it is probably to do with my soldering somewhere but I can’t seem to find!where. I have attached some photos of the board and would be greatly appreciative of any help anyone can offer!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Hannah All you’re solder joints look ok, can you confirm that you have fitted the 3.3 voltage regulator and not the 2n2222 transistor. you can tell this by the markings on the flat face of the component.

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Hi @bitfogav Thanks for taking a look and yes just checked and its definitely the voltage regulator fitted not the 2n2222 transistor. Another thing I think it may be is one of the legs snapped off on the screen attachment, I think I have soldered it on well enough for there to be a connection but may this be the issue?

This could be the issue?. I have had another closer look at you’re images, but still don’t see any issues, the capacitors, resisters and other components look fine. I would check the battery voltage next if you have a Multimeter? You could then also pin point check the power and grounds to the screen and microchip (with the microchip removed), I explain this in the following link about the 20th post down https://community.circuitmess.com/t/testing-point-wont-turn-on/725/20

If all this is good then you maybe looking at a faulty screen, microcontroller or no software loaded onto the microcontroller. you will need to contact @albertgajsak or email contact@makerbuino.com

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Hi @bitfogav thank you for all your help. I have I looked at the post you linked and checked the voltages, as far as I am aware they all look okay but would be great to get your opinion:
Battery 3.86v
Micro 22-21 3.27v
Micro 22-20 3.27v
Micro 8-7 3.27v
Micro 8-1 3.24v
Screen 3.86v

Do you have any further suggestions or ideas? I would love to get this working and am aware that @albertgajsak and team are probably very busy!

Hi @Hannah All you’re voltages look perfectly correct.

Firstly what is your experience in this sort of thing, I need to ask that as I don’t want to “teach you to suck eggs” as they say?.

Do you have experience with Arduino? any Breadboards?. The next step will be remove the Microcontroller and screen and wire up them up on a breadboard, do you have an Arduino board you could test the screen with?. If this isn’t something you have experience with then I think we will have to wait for @albertgajsak

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@bitfogav, thank you for helping @Hannah out.

@Hannah, sorry for my late reply and for the issues you’re experiencing.
Please check and resolder the pads on the microcontroller and on the screen connector once again and fixate the screen with the four small M2 screws. Test everything again, if it still doesn’t work, I will send you a new microcontroller and a new LCD free of charge.

@albertgajsak Thank you for your reply I shall give your suggestions a go and let you know how I get on :slight_smile: @bitfogav thank you again for all your help it has been greatly appreciated!

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@Hannah you’re welcome, sorry we didn’t get down to the cause of the issue but I’m sure you will be enjoying a working Makerbuino soon. :slight_smile:

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@albertgajsak I have tripled checked everything, to the best of my ability, and tried resoldering the screen and micro controller but unfortunately it is still not working. Please may I take you up on the offer of a new LCD and micro controller and hope that they solve the issue!
Would it also be possible to purchase another screen connector? As mentioned earlier I accidentally snapped one of the pins although I believe there was enough of it left (and the solder secure) for this not to be the cause of the screen not working, but I’m no expert so may be wrong!
Please let me know if/what details you require from me and thank you for your help.

@Hannah, sorry for my late reply.
We’ve been moving our company to a new workplace last week so everything was in chaos here.

I will send you a new micro and a new screen.
Please send me your Kickstarter username OR order ID via private messages.

What connector are you talking about? The one that is mounted on the board or the one that comes presoldered on the screen?

Hi @albertgajsak,

I have private messaged you with my order ID (I think i found the right number) which I think you have received. Just to clarify it is the connector that is mounted on the board not the one that comes pre soldered on the screen.

Let me know if you need any more information :slight_smile:

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@Hannah, will take a look right now and get back to you via PM,
thank you for your response.