What is the right side for the 3.3V voltage regulator? [SOLVED]

So I got my MAKERbuino in the mail today, and I’ve been soldering away based on this tutorial:

However, I’m confused with the mentions on the 3.3V voltage regulator which is not the 2222 transistor, the tutorial is very specific in that area

It says to “be careful to turn it on the right side”, but neither the board nor the component are really clear on which the right side is, and the tutorial doesn’t include an actual image of the regulator soldered to the board.

Any idea? does it matter?

One side of the component is flat, the other is curved. On flat side you can read what component it is. When you look from above, it look like letter D. The same shape is on PCB. You must be sure to match flat side of element do the flat side on PCB.

Image in point 18 shows the right side :slight_smile:

Thanks. I think I got it right, but it’s not working… Guess I’ll make another topic though, no need to soil this one.

I wish that I paused to ask too. Because of the ambiguity, I had to guess and, unfortunately, I guessed wrong. My device is effectively useless now due to lacking documentation. I’m gutted and I’m sure others will be in the future when they make the same mistake:

Just for reference here is the correct way the 3.3v regulator should be fitted, as the current building guide is out dated and only states “Be careful to turn it on the right side!”? :expressionless: Flat side of the regulator facing down to the board.

@bitfogav, thank you for helping @Gemberkoekje out. Yes, the guide is still outdated and is finally being changed. I will make a new topic where I shall ask and collect all of your feedback for guide improvements.