No speaker sound, but headphone connector socket works

Hi folk,

first please excuse my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue.

Second, makerbuino it’ s great, my first real soldering :slight_smile: and yes I made a mistake, I mixed up the transistor and voltage regulator and damaged them while I tried to desolder them. But thanks for the good design of the PCB I bought them new and soldered them again, this time correct.

Everything now is working, except the speaker and switch SW2 - what can be the mistake? Headphone connector socket is working inclusive volume control. As I looked in the diagram I got some ideas

a) I solderd SW2 not correct
b) I solderd the diode in the wrong direction, can this be if the headphone connector socket is working correct?
c) I soldered the cables/soundspeaker wrong

Can I measure a, b or c? I have a voltmeter.

Update: I testet the loudspeaker with a 1,2 Volt Mignon Akku and heard some scratching noises. It seems to work proper.

Thank you very much for your reply and help.

Best regards

Hello! I just finished my build and I am having the same trouble as you. Everything works great, except that I can’t get sound to come out of my speaker. Also like you, I get sound through the headphone jack just fine.

Did you discover your problem? Does anyone else have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Whoops! The answer to my problem was over here:

Everything was actually hooked up just fine. I simply forgot that Switch 2 (the left one) is a mute switch! Once I switched mine on, the speaker worked just fine. Anyhow, I hope that helps some other forgetful person like me.


@mfurtak, I’m glad that you’ve managed to solve this issue.
Feel free to share your finished MAKERbuino with us here:

(pics or it didn’t happen)

@Big_T, I apologize, it seems that I’ve missed your unanswered topic from November, did you manage to fix your sound issue?
If you do not get a reply on the community forum, it is always a good practice to contact us directly via

Hi , I had exactly the same problem! Just so happy that it was the mute switch )))

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I’m glad that you’ve solved the issue.
You can also find some more info on your MAKERbuino’s main components on this photo from build guide’s chapter #1:

I’ll see you around at the forum.

Sorry, the problem is still exist. But no worry I think I made a mistake by soldering/unsoldering or something else. For me it was a fascinating (first soldering) work, and everything worked except the speaker.

If I have enough time at first I buy a better soldering iron, then a new makerbuino kit.


I am sorry that you’re still experiencing problems with your kit.

Please, post photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side and we’ll help you make the sound work.


I made two pictures, I hope they good enoug - sadly now the headphone jack is also out of order. Sorry but I have to make posts.


now the second picture.

thank you for the photos.

I think that the problem is caused either by the sounds switch or the transistor. I can see that you’ve been resoldering those components and the soldering pads are pretty worn out so that might be causing a contact issue.

Also, did you swap the transistor with a replacement? The one soldered on the board does not look like the 2n2222 included in the kit
Are you sure that the new transistor is compatible?


thank your advice.

yes my blame I swaped the transistor and voltage regulator (Build guide #3, Step 8) and had to desolder them. By this step maybe I damaged the board/soldering pads. In fact I destroyed the original transister and voltage regulator.

I ordered the same transistor and voltage regulator by a eletronic shop (two transisotrs and voltage regulators). Because this I have a original transistor, make it sense to desolder the replacment and solder the 2n2222 transistor?

Is there a method to measure if the board contacts work?

Later my father also desoldered the transistor, and soldered a new one - I hope the right but I’m not sure.

Now I tried to solder the transistor and switch (not desolder) better. But nothing changed.


@Big_T, please send us photos of your MAKERbuino. It’s really hard for us to give you any advice without seeing your progress.


Hello, my son, 13 years old, soldered The makerbuino today. It was his first experience in soldering and he found it fantastic! However, we have a problem with sound. It’s really poor by the speaker and I had problem to hear it… The situation is just a little bit better with headphone jack… I can’t imagine what is the problem… Could you help me, please?
Kate from Poland


This might be best to start a new topic, however I wonder if you had a little difficulty when soldering the transistor? I see quite a big blob of solder on the top side of the board and wonder if the transistor may have blown as a result of being overheated?


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@kitermen9, can you please verify that you didn’t swap the regulator with the transistor?


Hy there i have the same problem but my headphone jack and the speaker dont work does anybody have a solution

Hey @Theo, thank you for supporting MAKERbuino and I am sorry for the problems that you’re experiencing

Can you please open a new topic and post a few photos of your MAKERbuino’s front and back side without the casing attached?

Thanks and don’t worry, we’ll help you figure this out :slight_smile: